Medicare And Mattresses: Do You Qualify For A New Adjustable Bed?

Medicare can be one of the most difficult health insurance coverages to traverse. There are so many rules, requirements, and hoops to jump through that the entire process can seem daunting. From coverages, copays, and allowances, understanding what is and isn’t allowed in your plan can be a daunting task for even the most well-versed person.

There are also many not-so-known benefits included in Medicare. One of those benefits is that you can get a new mattress if you qualify according to Everyday Consumer. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use Medicare to get a new bed depending on your situation.

Durable Medical Equipment Coverage (DME Coverage)


Though getting a new mattress through Medicare is not something that every enrollee will qualify for, through Medicare Part B, and more specifically Durable Medical Equipment Coverage, you could use your insurance to help you sleep better at night. Durable medical equipment is equipment that helps patients with tasks, activities, or functions necessary for everyday life. To get Medicare coverage for your new mattress, it first must qualify as DME. That requires a prescription from your doctor. Moreover, you have to meet the requirements that Medicare has set forth.

To qualify, there are several requirements you must follow. The mattress can only be in your own home. You will not qualify if you do not have an injury, sickness, or medical reason for the mattress. Finally, you need to select a durable mattress for repeated use because it should last for at least three years.

Types Of Mattresses That May Be Covered


Not all mattresses will meet the stringent requirements that Medicare will cover. It’s imperative to know what kind of bed may or may not be covered before you start shopping. For Medicare to pay for them, they must be useful in your daily functions and serve medical functionality. A Google search for Medicare-approved sellers will display many retailers that specialize in medical equipment. Purchasing your new bed or equipment through one of these suppliers can reduce your overall costs.

Three major kinds of mattresses and beds will qualify through Medicare: pressure-reducing overlays, pressure-reducing beds, and pressure-reducing mattresses. Once your claim for DME is approved, you will be responsible for 20% of the total Medicare-approved cost of the equipment; your Medicare Part B deductible will apply to this cost, and you will then pay the rest of the expense.

Shopping For Adjustable Beds and Mattresses


Once you’re ready to shop, you need to decide between an adjustable bed and an adjustable mattress. An adjustable mattress is one where you can control the softness or firmness of the mattress itself. On the other hand, an adjustable bed is one where you can adjust the base into different positions from both the head and foot of the bed. Whether you’re looking to shift your support level or to manipulate your positioning in bed will determine which type of bed frame and mattress is right for you.

Below is a list of the best adjustable beds and mattresses available on the market. Regardless of which you go with, if you need any help or clarification on whether or not you could qualify for DME coverage for a new mattress or bed through Medicare, you can review your plan and contact your doctor. You can find more information by visiting

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Gold Package – Highest Overall Rating
Nectar Adjustable Bed – Second-highest Overall Rating
Legget & Platt ShipShape base – Best for Durability
Classic Brands Adjustable Bed – Money-Saver
Legget & Platt New Split S-Cape Adjustable Bed – Best in Luxury
Serta Motion Essentials II Adjustable Bed – Best for Ease of Install
PragmaBed Simple – Best for Design
Reverie 7S Adjustable bed – Best for Bluetooth Capabilities