Skin Care Essentials

In the morning when one wakes up, and right before one goes to sleep, a universal routine exists. It normally consists of brushing one’s teeth, and washing one’s face. However, are those daily traditions the most efficient way of taking care of one’s health — particularly as it pertains to skin care?

Skin care in general has evolved tremendously throughout the years. Today, the average person is able to adequately care for one’s skin without doling out large sums. This piece will walk you through a step-by-step plan on how to approach proper skin care. By the end, you’ll be left with a whole new way on how to keep your facial skin silky smooth.

Skin Profile

When assessing the first step in skin care, one must dive deep into their own profile. Some have skin that might be on the dryer side. Others might have oily skin. There are a number of over-the-counter creams, lotions, and washes geared for the specific type of skin. Duly, a dermatologist consultation will help in figuring out the best possible solution for dry or oily skin.

Additionally, improvements can be made with the presence of water. Hydrating the skin will help tremendously in its overall health. Otherwise, one stands to potentially endure premature aging.


There are a number of simple ways in which one can protect their skin. For those constantly out in the sun, the application of sunscreen is imperative. UV rays do one’s skin no favors. As such, wearing sunscreen is an effective way at keeping one’s skin youthful.

Additionally, the hydration process can be taken a step further with the application of moisturizers. The moisturizing process will correspond with the type of skin the consumer has. These can be purchased in any sort of super market — as well as online.

Face Masks

While you might look a bit foolish, wearing face masks have been proven to work in a number of ways. There are ones which can be purchased. The simple application of the masks can help tremendously in hydrating the skin. Skin pores are opened up, and impurities (such as dirt and other grime) can be extracted from the skin when the mask is lifted.

In other instances, masks are utilized to soften skin, improve the quality of the said skin, and also clear up areas with pimples. Pre-made masks can be bought at home, and a number of make-your-own mask recipes exist on the internet. Many of them are created with organic products (such as olive oil and avocados).


Duly, the consumer can procure supplements to help in building wonderful skin care. In particular, Vitamin C is a vitamin geared towards helping the skin not only clear up, but also glow brightly. These supplements come in pill form, but also as droplets that can be applied both on one’s skin and in one’s mouth.

Image Source: Vox